Work/ APM. APM seeks to increase the progress of companies through reflection clubs and training groups in 23 countries.

The APM was founded on a simple idea: corporate progress. The association has 305 thinking clubs and, training groups in 23 countries. 

MD3 STUDIO was responsible for developing the APM website from the design provided by the client. This website introduces the association and its objectives, with a sober and harmonious image. It’s also responsive and allows intuitive navigation in the search for information about the association.

Apm is an independent network dedicated to business people who are members of APM, whose goal is the non-commercial sharing of professional knowledge and skills.

Project / Case Study. Afonso Lopes Vieira Municipal Library, a proposal for a new visual identity and communication elements, developed by MD3 STUDIO.

MD3 STUDIO developed the rebrand of the visual identity, graphics, communication typology, and website for the municipal library BMALV, located in Leiria, Portugal.

A common thread, a pleasant, cultural, and educational trip that invites us to come back.


The logotype consists of an icon/symbol where the municipal library BMALV is displayed.
This acronym allies the contemporary with the romantic. Remember that in Afonso Lopes Vieira’s time, the romantic style was privileged in literature and architecture.
Through this combination, we applied an institutional, modern, and contemporary character keeping elegance and modernism in mind.
Our rebrand proposal joins the old with the new in a unique and current version.


We present examples of graphics to be applied to the BMALV brand, with dynamism and seriousness, that can attract kids and adults due to their graphic conception.

Website’s Homepage

The proposal for the website homepage focuses on finding the information by organizing it as shelves and book spines, reminding the organization of a library.
The whole look of the website is contemporary. When choosing the different sections creates a moment of absorption of information that makes sense, and is clear and concise.
In every corner of the website, the user knows where he is, what his purpose is, and where they want to go next.

Project/ Mediatree. The broadcast monitoring tool for all TV and radio content in France has a new visual identity and communication.

MD3 STUDIO was responsible for Mediatree’s rebrand to target a more technological universe.

Mediatree, with more than a decade of existence, has seen an enormous evolution over the years. To follow its evolution, STUDIO created all the supports for digital communication, including a website, internal digital documents, and visuals to support digital marketing, maintaining cohesion with the new brand manual.

About Mediatree brand

The brand symbol in the logo refers to the initial of the company name and is endowed with movement granted by the color gradients. This movement recalls statistical graphs and the variation of their values, and is closely related to Mediatree’s core business: dynamism, data analysis, and technology.

Work/ Porta B. A coffee and restaurant open to serve meals to the students and workers’ community in the center of Leiria city.

MD3 STUDIO accepted the challenge of developing an identity for the restaurant Porta B.

Porta B is a café, restaurant, and snack-bar in the center of Leiria, whose target audience is mainly students and workers from the area.

We developed a logo with an expressive B in order to captivate a younger audience and a series of associated illustrations that make the brand more accessible to the target audience. The result is a brand that invites the target audience in, showing a pleasant and cheerful place to be.

Design/ Signage for the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre. An international school in Lisbon whose official language is French.

The Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, in Lisbon – Portugal, challenged MD3 STUDIO to create the signage for the entire new space of the educational institution, which allows the union between the high school and the extension building.

We presented a proposal for signage that is easy to move or change, using modular and replaceable signage, allowing creative freedom in composition, like Lego pieces. 

Aspects such as modular design, iconography, color, and legible and easy-to-read typeface that allow the visitor to locate himself effectively and quickly, were taken into account in the design of our proposal.

For the first proposal, we suggested plates in white PVC engraved in black, with a clear and simple typography. This piece has a fitting that allows it to be easily replaced.

The second proposal presents the idea of modular pieces with plugs that can be fitted into perforated PCV, which gives freedom in the placement of signs.

Work/ Monsieur L. is an e-commerce website developed in Shopify that offers an inclusive contemporary take on classic men’s shoe design.

MD3 STUDIO was responsible for adapting the design created by the Nuitblanche team and for developing the brand’s online store on Shopify.
Monsieur L. is an e-commerce website developed in Shopify that offers an inclusive contemporary take on classic men’s shoe design.

Behind the understated elegance of the initial L is Alain Leber, the brand’s founder. Alain Leber has designed for many years for iconic luxury brands such as Michel Perry, J.M. Weston or Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, and for a long time, he was in charge of the shoe collections Alain decided to create his brand.

Work/ 360Learning. A French collaborative learning platform collaborates with a design and creative communication agency in Portugal.

MD3 STUDIO and 360Learning started a nearshoring partnership between the two design teams. MD3 STUDIO’s design team was responsible for creating different digital products, including illustrations for the brand’s website, ebooks, and one-pagers.

360Learning challenged MD3 STUDIO to create a new structure and visual language for the brand platform, one that was more noticeable and with more fun and intuitive features.

All graphic images and illustrations, one-pagers, characters, and textbooks were created according to the brand rules, ensuring that typography, figurative elements, and colors were standardized for all media.

Work/ Moura Suites. From the original lettering to the architecture of Portas de Moura and the hotel. A contemporary branding fulfilled with history.

MD3 STUDIO prepared a branding proposal for the Moura Suites Hotel in Évora.
We decided to propose lettering based on the shapes of the buildings, with the characteristics of the 15th Century architecture (date of its foundation) and contemporary elements. We wanted the lettering to express the local aspect and atmosphere.

The «m» of «Moura Suites» reminds the hotel’s front door. Considering it is about a hotel, a place to welcome people, the lettering has to be friendly yet historic. 

We can find this aspect in the use of lowercase, which allows a pleasant height for the reading.
The contemporary aspect is in the details, like the uniform thickness. 

We want the lettering to become an entire font family exclusively used for the hotel, so it would allow a unique identity and possible use for other graphic elements.

Work / Sophie Mallebranche Website. Sophie creates exclusive materials for her clients. Tailored, personalised, and made to order.

MD3 Studio was responsible for the design and web development of Sophie’s website. The Atelier Sophie Mallebranche is an Atelier specializing in the creation of luxurious and unique materials, based in Paris, France. Sophie creates exclusive materials for her clients, tailored, personalized, and made-to-order.

Our main focus when designing the website was the art of woven metal, highlighting the history and the beautiful designer’s work, shown in the homepage’s intro video. Allied with this concept, the other website pages are clean and simple designed to enhance all the product materials and Sophie Mallebranche’s art collection.

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