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Orçamento Participativo Leiria 2021 & 2022

Work / Orçamento Participativo Leiria 2021 & 2022. Communicating to citizens how they can decide on the future of investment in their municipality.

For the edition of the Orçamento Participativo (OP) Leiria 2021, MD3 STUDIO was responsible for designing the visual identity of the brand and other communication elements, such as video for dissemination of the initiative; visuals for dissemination in social networks; posters; mupis; PPT presentation templates; background for a videoconference.

For the second consecutive year and to promote the participation of citizens in the OP Leiria 2022, the Municipality of Leiria invited STUDIO to create new elements for the communication of the brand, namely: building identification plates; posters, and flyers; presentation videos; and visuals for social networks.

The OP is a project developed by the Municipality of Leiria that represents a mechanism of participatory democracy, which gives citizens the power to decide how funds from public budgets should be invested.