Brand Identity

Moura Suites

Work/ Moura Suites. From the original lettering to the architecture of Portas de Moura and the hotel. A contemporary branding fulfilled with history.

The Moura Suites project consists of the design of a typeface based on the shapes of a 4-star hotel in Évora, which combines the architectural features of the 15th century (date of the building’s foundation) and contemporary forms.

The «m» of «Moura Suites» refers to the entrance of Portas de Moura and the hotel, and the icon that complements the logo is born from the juxtaposition of architectural forms with contemporary elements. The junction of the lettering with the icon elements is the perfect counterpoint to the use of lowercase letters, maintaining a pleasant height and a more uniform thickness.

The Moura Suites lettering originated an exclusive typographic family of the hotel, allowing a unique identity and possible use for other graphic elements.

This MD3 STUDIO project is a case study presented to the client for the brand identity of a hotel in Évora.