Brand Identity

Moura Suites

Work/ Moura Suites. From the original lettering to the architecture of Portas de Moura and the hotel. A contemporary branding fulfilled with history.

MD3 STUDIO prepared a branding proposal for the Moura Suites Hotel in Évora.
We decided to propose lettering based on the shapes of the buildings, with the characteristics of the 15th Century architecture (date of its foundation) and contemporary elements. We wanted the lettering to express the local aspect and atmosphere.

The «m» of «Moura Suites» reminds the hotel’s front door. Considering it is about a hotel, a place to welcome people, the lettering has to be friendly yet historic. 

We can find this aspect in the use of lowercase, which allows a pleasant height for the reading.
The contemporary aspect is in the details, like the uniform thickness. 

We want the lettering to become an entire font family exclusively used for the hotel, so it would allow a unique identity and possible use for other graphic elements.