The Studio

MD3 was founded in 2012 by the French group Mediatree. The design, web and digital marketing department started to grow and felt ready for independence. This is how we became MD3 STUDIO. We are based in Leiria, our portfolio is diverse and includes clients of differents countries and differents sizes, in diverse areas such as health care, financial services, sport, leisure and charity. We share our vision and experiences by tailoring design projects to meet the specific needs of clients.

Our method

We are a dedicated team, passionate about providing excellent services to our customers. We love to work in a cosy and friendly atmosphere. We believe that sharing ideas through severals brainstorming is the key for strong concepts. As a team, our goal is to grow-up and go out from our comfort zone by always looking for new challenges.


We build brands that grow. We boost companies mood. We find doing it immensely satisfying. We create innovative experiences. Our mission is to create unforgettable communications that enable businesses to stand up, stand out and turn their ideas into success.

Every problem has a solution!


— Do you need to find out the new business opportunities for your market? We can provide you with up-to-date market studies.

— Do you need to create a new brand? In today's competitive market, you have to speak directly to your target audience. We achieve this with a unique, inspired and creative brand identity that captures the essence of your brand.

— Do you need to reinforce your online presence? Great website design can make the difference to whether your business sinks or swims. We will work closely with you to create the right website that suit your needs and that will reach out to your target audience.

— Do you want a custom website? Our team develops customized websites tailored to your needs.

We provide the best digital services and products for your company. Trust us with the image and message you want to share with your customers!


Ana Lisboa

Lead Designer

Tânia Forreta

Graphic Designer

Vanessa Antunes

Graphic Designer

Diana Ribeiro

Project Manager

Inês Paraíso

Account & Community Manager

Paula Félix

Sales Assistant

Ricardo Ferreira

Web Developer

Nelson Sousa

Web Developer

Your irreverence, quality and good disposition are qualities that we value.

If you have enough talent and want to work with us, contact us.