3 years old, 3 memorable achievements – Congratulations Studio!

Did you know that in numerology, 3 is responsible for influencing people's expression, communication and creativity? Curious.

Words by
Inês Paraíso, Tânia Forreta
in 29 of July of 2021

For the more distracted, MD3's Design, Web and Communication department celebrated 3 years of life, on July 22nd! In the blink of an eye, Studio is a MD3’s brand with great presence in the regional, national and international market.

Did you know that in numerology, 3 is responsible for influencing people's expression, communication and creativity? Curious.

For the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the 3 is associated with the geometric figure triangle and represents perfection because it is the sum of 1 plus 2, meaning diversity.

It is also the perfect number for the Chinese, as it is the junction of heaven and earth that results in humanity; among so many other religious meanings such as divine unity. But calm down, the idea is to celebrate the anniversary of our company's creative department… with the great achievements of the Studio’s trilogy.

To celebrate, we found 3 great achievements in these 3 years of existence.

  • We have carried out a considerable number of international projects.

360Learning, Sophie Mallebranche, Monsieur L., Omelet (Walmart), CCIFQ (Fifa), CFM, MCT, Eco Eburnies, Mota-Engil Africa, among others.

In 3 years, we have developed online projects in 3 different continents, communicated in 3 languages, with countless tickets created and fulfilled, and customers satisfied with the way in which the creativity, originality and development of their digital products were communicated.

  • The team grew a lot and quickly!

The Design, Web and Communication creative studio started with Ana and Tânia, both designers; Marine, as an account, and Fred as a web developer.

Today we are 12! 4 designers, 4 developers, 1  marketing & communication manager, 1 community manager, 1 project manager, 1 sales assistant.

For each client, we were a creative, versatile and experienced team, whose skills corresponded to the needs and specificities of each project. Come on, we are ready for more!

  • The 3 most iconic projects

We selected a regional, a national and an international project to celebrate the anniversary. 

Regional - Orçamento Participativo 2021: Finally, we are working with the Municipality of Leiria and are part of the list of suppliers for ​Design and Communication projects in our city.

Nacional - Manuel António da Mota Foundation: one of our biggest clients saw the birth of the new website and new online competition. For an association clinging to bureaucracy and paper, the digitization effort was Herculean but successfully achieved!

International - MD3 Studio helped 360Learning to revolutionize and modernize the brand, with a nearshoring partnership between the two Design teams. In collaboration, MD3 Studio's design team was responsible for the development and creation of different digital products, including illustrations for the brand's website, ebooks and one-pagers, brand manual and onboarding playbooks.

We are here to improve brands and drive business.

Bonne Chance, MD3 Studio.


This article was written by Inês Paraíso, marketing & communication manager at MD3 STUDIO.

She looks for new opportunities to show our work, including on internal social networks. She is also a partner of our clients in their online communication with the creation of content in Portuguese and English. She is very fond of writing and has a gift for putting ideas into words. In fact, she says that words are always magic and have the power to reveal worlds!


This article was written by our graphic designer Tânia Forreta @MD3 STUDIO.

Tânia is a graphic designer and one of the creatives at the studio. She enjoys sharing wild ideas about the design and having critical discussions about it. It has the particularity of giving rise to some striking and particular phrases of the studio, such as the so-called – “Sometimes it tastes good!”.