For the more distracted, MD3’s Design, Web and Communication department celebrated 3 years of life, on July 22nd! In the blink of an eye, Studio is a MD3’s brand with great presence in the regional, national and international market.

Did you know that in numerology, 3 is responsible for influencing people’s expression, communication and creativity? Curious.

For the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the 3 is associated with the geometric figure triangle and represents perfection because it is the sum of 1 plus 2, meaning diversity.

It is also the perfect number for the Chinese, as it is the junction of heaven and earth that results in humanity; among so many other religious meanings such as divine unity. But calm down, the idea is to celebrate the anniversary of our company’s creative department… with the great achievements of the Studio’s trilogy.

To celebrate, we found 3 great achievements in these 3 years of existence.

360Learning, Sophie Mallebranche, Monsieur L., Omelet (Walmart), CCIFQ (Fifa), CFM, MCT, Eco Eburnies, Mota-Engil Africa, among others.

In 3 years, we have developed online projects in 3 different continents, communicated in 3 languages, with countless tickets created and fulfilled, and customers satisfied with the way in which the creativity, originality and development of their digital products were communicated.

The Design, Web and Communication creative studio started with Ana and Tânia, both designers; Marine, as an account, and Fred as a web developer.

Today we are 12! 4 designers, 4 developers, 1  marketing & communication manager, 1 community manager, 1 project manager, 1 sales assistant.

For each client, we were a creative, versatile and experienced team, whose skills corresponded to the needs and specificities of each project. Come on, we are ready for more!

We selected a regional, a national and an international project to celebrate the anniversary. 

Regional – Orçamento Participativo 2021: Finally, we are working with the Municipality of Leiria and are part of the list of suppliers for ​Design and Communication projects in our city.

Nacional – Manuel António da Mota Foundation: one of our biggest clients saw the birth of the new website and new online competition. For an association clinging to bureaucracy and paper, the digitization effort was Herculean but successfully achieved!

International – MD3 Studio helped 360Learning to revolutionize and modernize the brand, with a nearshoring partnership between the two Design teams. In collaboration, MD3 Studio’s design team was responsible for the development and creation of different digital products, including illustrations for the brand’s website, ebooks and one-pagers, brand manual and onboarding playbooks.

We are here to improve brands and drive business.

Bonne Chance, MD3 Studio.

“The Family is where our story begins” and this is the story of MD3 Studio

With only two years old, MD3 Studio, a creative agency in Leiria, that lives next to São Romão, in a bright and spacious open space, ideal for inspiring design, communication and marketing strategy. The Creative Studio was born in 2018, when the design team became too mature to continue living in its mother’s house, MD3.

Without long delays and for the sake of space, since the projects were growing and so were the teams, the Design and Communication team started looking for a house, packed its bags and said goodbye to its little room, with promises to return for barbecues and team buildings.

In a very quaint space, MD3 Studio receives, every day, designers, marketers and web developers, gathered in a common space of creation, whose objective is to fulfill the challenges of the customers, while drinking coffees and discussing plots of series, films and documentaries.

MD3 Studio logo – The logo was designed by the company’s internal design team. The MD3 typeface is composed of three weights: light, regular and bold. It is a typeface family without a serif, for use either in print or on the web. It has geometric characteristics and a contemporary aspect.

Oh, Dear Mother…

The parent company, MD3, lives in Barosa, Leiria, in a spacious villa, located in a calm and serene area, that sets the tone to programming and web development.

With 10 years of experience, it receives daily developers and support engineers, who adopt the Agile methodology to support the projects of national and international clients. Software, Apps, Cloud Services… You name it, we got it!

There is also space for card games, tetris or chess championships, launch the challenge, the the team organizes, plays and celebrates. The language is complex! Easy… we talk about django, php, python…

MD3 logo – The MD3 brand was inspired by the words with the letter ‘D’ – Digital, Development and Design, which transmit our daily routine as a team. We created a modern identity through digital icons with geometric components based on the web code. (“0”, “1” and “<“) Our typeface has some specific details, such as: in number three, we discreetly placed the mathematical symbol “greater than” to inspire the brand’s personality traits .

All different, All the same

The matriarch of the family was born, in 2007, from the idea of ​​three friends: Marwan, Olivier and Philippe.

Born in France, Mediatree is a leader in the broadcast monitoring and software market. In just 3 years, the matriarch of the family grew, became international and made Portugal and Qatar his home too.

Thus, in a small office on the outskirts of Leiria, two Portuguese developers started MD3 and, in a few months, two more reinforced the team. From then on, with new projects and challenges, the team grew and so did its field of action.

In 2015, the Mediatree Group came to group all the companies created by Mediatree. It is also at this time that the design of the entire brand is rethought.

Mediatree Group Brand Evolution

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3 years old, 3 memorable achievements – Congratulations Studio!

Did you know that in numerology, 3 is responsible for influencing people's expression, communication and creativity? Curious.

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MD3 STUDIO Family History

MD3 Studio is a creative agency, located in Leiria and an inspiring space for design, communication and marketing ideas. This is its story.

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