Brand Identity, Editorial, Website & Apps

Biblioteca Municipal Afonso Lopes Vieira

Project / Case Study. Afonso Lopes Vieira Municipal Library, a proposal for a new visual identity and communication elements, developed by MD3 STUDIO.

MD3 STUDIO developed the rebrand of the visual identity, graphics, communication typology, and website for the municipal library BMALV, located in Leiria, Portugal.

A common thread, a pleasant, cultural, and educational trip that invites us to come back.


The logotype consists of an icon/symbol where the municipal library BMALV is displayed.
This acronym allies the contemporary with the romantic. Remember that in Afonso Lopes Vieira’s time, the romantic style was privileged in literature and architecture.
Through this combination, we applied an institutional, modern, and contemporary character keeping elegance and modernism in mind.
Our rebrand proposal joins the old with the new in a unique and current version.


We present examples of graphics to be applied to the BMALV brand, with dynamism and seriousness, that can attract kids and adults due to their graphic conception.

Website’s Homepage

The proposal for the website homepage focuses on finding the information by organizing it as shelves and book spines, reminding the organization of a library.
The whole look of the website is contemporary. When choosing the different sections creates a moment of absorption of information that makes sense, and is clear and concise.
In every corner of the website, the user knows where he is, what his purpose is, and where they want to go next.